Course fees: €440.00 (Food and accommodation are not included in the price).

Group reduction: Course fees for groups of 5 or more participants: €410.00 per person (Reduction A).

Course fees for large groups of 20 or more participants: €390.00 per person (Reduction B).

Family reduction: €410.00 per person (for 2 people), €390.00 per person (for 3 people), €300.00 per person for 4 or more people.

The family reduction applies for couples, parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren.

Only one form of reduction applies per person.

A combination of reductions is not possible (e.g. people who are eligible for the family reduction or the special price for both courses cannot be included as part of a group for the group reduction).

The reductions can be applied in any combination for the different courses and/or different instruments.

e.g. Course 1: 4 participants, course 2: 2 participants = Group reduction A (€410.00 per person).

e.g. Course 1: 12 participants, course 2: 10 participants = Group reduction B (€390.00 per person).

Conditions: All participants must be registered together with a list of participants (including the category of the group) before the deadline. In addition the entire sum due must be paid before course 1 commences.

The organizers accept no liability for damages of any kind arising during the Bläserurlaub.
Parents and/or guardians are responsible for under-age participants. We do not provide any supervision for under-age participants!
Organizer: Verein “Internationale Meisterkurse Bad Goisern”, Schmiedgasse 13b, 4822 Bad Goisern.